Thursday, March 26, 2009


Is it through here that I must cross
the threshold?
Or is it through the upper stream?
Should I really depend on the above?
Or must I trust the below?

Streams of unrevealed truths trespass my mystified mind!
Questioning unsure facts… is this the way it should be?

Being Human is auspicious, I reflect!
Though being aware of who you really are is confounding.
Or is it that being insentient and exposed to the outer world that it is hard to survive!?

What is it that I really need to gain self-esteem?
Must I doubt my existence? Or must I strive to survive?
Is it myself in society that I look for, or is it my identity that I seek?

WHO AM I … I endeavor to know!!!

Eyes staring…concentrating!
Eyebrows shrugging…my brains bearing!
Is it I the center of attention or is it JUST me, myself, and I?!

Is it my hair, my smile, my walk?
Am I the BEAUTY? Or am I the BEAST?

Do I belong to this acquisitive world where residing requires perfunctory demeanor?
Or is it through the spiritual world that I transcend?

My body…my soul, which one is it?
My consciousness…unconsciousness, someone admit!
They wrestle…they struggle…they thrash about!!

Could someone HELP ME realize…WHO AM I?